The Chandaria Lectures 2016 with Prof Andy Clark

Monday 29 February 2016

The Institute of Philosophy is pleased to announce that this year's Chandaria Lecture series will be given by Professor Andy Clark of the University of Edinburgh.

Andy Clark was appointed to the Chair in Logic and Metaphysics in 2004. Prior to that he had taught at the University of Glasgow, the University of Sussex, Washington University in St Louis, and Indiana University, Bloomington. He was Director of the Philosophy/Neuroscience/Psychology Program at Washington University in St Louis, and Director of the Cogntive Science Program at Indiana University. His research interests include philosophy of mind and artificial intelligence, including robotics, artificial life, embodied cognition, and mind, technology and culture.

This year the series will comprise of three 90 minute lectures, being held on the 13th, 16th and 22nd June at 18:30 in Senate House. Further details including titles of each talk and abstracts will be added in due course.

The lectures are open to the public and we hope to see you there.