Interpretive Practice: Language, Law, Science and the Arts, 16-17 June 2015

Wednesday 1 April 2015

This two-day conference brings together prominent researchers from several fields in which philosophical issues about the practices and conventions involved in interpretation have had a profound impact on subject matter—linguistics, law, cognitive science, archaeology, architecture, literature, and music.

The conference is organised by Professor Stephen Neale and the Institute of Philosophy.

Colin Blakemore (Institute of Philosophy, SAS), Noël Carroll (CUNY Graduate Centre), Gregory Currie (University of York), Chris Frith (Institute of Philosophy, SAS), Peter Kivy (Rutgers University), Peter Lamarque (University of York), George Letsas (UCL), Parashkev Nachev (UCL), Stephen Neale (CUNY Graduate Centre), Colin Renfrew (Cambridge University), Barry Smith (Institute of Philosophy, SAS), Nicos Stavropoulos (Oxford University), Kathleen Stock (University of Sussex), David Wengrow (UCL), Deirdre Wilson (UCL), Helen Xanthaki (IALS)