LEM Forum: Daniel Rothschild on Quantified Epistemic Modality, 14 Oct

Thursday 9 October 2014


Tuesday 14 October 2014, 17:00-19:00
LEM - Logic, Epistemology & Metaphysics Forum
Room 243, Senate House, WC1
Quantified Epistemic Modality, Daniel Rothschild (UCL)

Although Quine warned against the coherence of quantification into modal contexts, many philosophers take for granted that we can make sense of quantification into many modal contexts. The interaction between quantifiers and epistemic modals, remains, however, controversial.  Some linguists, such as Kai von Fintel and Sabine Iatridou, even deny that quantifiers can ever take scope over epistemic modals. I will outline some of the problems for understanding quantified epistemic modality and sketch a framework to resolve them.

Admission Free. All welcome.

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