Colin Blakemore at HowTheLightGetsIn Festival

Thursday 9 April 2015
Colin Blakemore will be speaking at HowTheLightGetsIn , the world’s largest philosophy and music festival, this May. Bringing together world-leading scientists, musicians, philosophers and politicians including Roger Penrose, Natalie Bennett, Paul Krugman, Fiona Shaw, Mike Skinner, Polly Toynbee, Lianne La Havas, Tariq Ali, Lawrence Krauss, and John Searle for debates, talks and wild parties. This year’s programme examines the elements of reality that might soon turn out to be illusions.

Interpretive Practice: Language, Law, Science and the Arts, 16-17 June 2015

Wednesday 1 April 2015
This two-day conference brings together prominent researchers from several fields in which philosophical issues about the practices and conventions involved in interpretation have had a profound impact on subject matter—linguistics, law, cognitive science, archaeology, architecture, literature, and music. The conference is organised by Professor Stephen Neale and the Institute of Philosophy. Further details. Speakers:

Propensities and Statistics Seminar: Two Notions of Holism, Elizabeth Miller, 24 February 2015

Friday 20 February 2015
Propensities and Statistics Seminar: Two Notions of Holism Elizabeth Miller (University of Birmingham) 24 February 2015, 17:15 - 19:00 Room 243 (Senate House) Convener and Project IP: Mauricio Suárez ( ) Sponsored and Funded by the European Commission under a personal Marie-Curie grant to Prof. Dr. Mauricio Suárez (Complutense University of Madrid): Project number: 329430 “ProbPropCond” FP7-PEOPLE-2012-IEF. Further details.