Network for Sensory Research

The Institute is pleased to announce the establishment of the Network for Sensory Research. The Network is a research partnership between the Network Centre for Research on the Senses in Toronto (Principal Investigator: Mohan Matthen), the Departments of Philosophy at Harvard (Co-Investigator: Susanna Siegel) and MIT (Co-Investigator: Alex Byrne), the Centre for the Study of the Senses of the Institute of Philosophy (Co-Investigator: Barry Smith), and the Centre for the Study of Perceptual Experience at the University of Glasgow (Co-Investigator: Fiona Macpherson).

Funded by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada and by the partner institutions, this will be a philosophy-led, interdisciplinary, international network of researchers to study how the brain/mind integrates information from the senses.


EU Project Perspectival Thought and Facts

The Institute of Philosophy and its consortium partners (led by the University of Barcelona) were awarded and EU 7th Framework Grant of €1.5 million, under the Marie Curie Initial Training Network Call for research into perspectivalism in thought and language.

The project, entitled 'Perspectival Thought and Facts' (PETAF), provides seven early stage researchers with the opportunity to spend periods of time at each of the consortium institutions, contributing to the research project at the heart of the bid: Research will be carried out by the Institute in collaboration with its network partners: the universities of Barcelona (lead institution), Budapest, Geneva, St Andrews, Stockholm and the Ecole des Hautes Etude Science Social in Paris.

The PETAF project aims to serve as a European research and training platform for joint philosophical research on perspectivalism in thought and language and its consequences for our conception of objective, mind-independent reality.

It will provide seven early stage researchers (ESRs) with the skills necessary for meeting the demands of top research in this area of philosophy, and the opportunity to apply and enhance these skills, and to acquire further, complementary skills, in professional contexts outside academia. PETAF comprises seven full network partners and five associate partners, four of which from industry. Associated partners are: Difusión, Centro de Investigacion y Publicación de Idiomas (Spain); Editions de Condé (France); Prover Technology AB (Sweden); Thera, Centre de Llenguatges i Computació (Spain); University of Aberdeen (UK).


Philosophy of Language and Mind (PLM)

Established at meetings in Barcelona and Paris during the spring of 2010, the Institute is part of PLM, a network of philosophical centres, institutes, and departments in Europe. The main purposes of PLM are to further philosophy of mind and language in Europe generally and to provide a platform for cooperation between members, primarily in research.