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Being Human in the Age of AI

The Institute of Philosophy presents a thought-provoking event where academia and industry converge to explore the intricate relationship between humanity and artificial intelligence. Featuring insightful talks by leading scholars and engaging discussions by industry experts, this event delves into the complexities of our evolving digital landscape and its impact on what it means to be human. Discover how AI is reshaping society, ethics, and the very essence of human identity.

May 23rd 

9am - 9:30 am: Welcome. Coffee/tea

9:30am-11am: Lasana Harris (Professor of Social Neuroscience, UCL)

11:10am-12:40pm: Iason Gabriel (Ethics Research Team, DeepMind)

12:40pm-2pm: Lunch break

2pm-3:30pm: Joanna Bryson (Professor of Ethics and Technology, Hertie School)

3:30pm-3:45: Coffee/tea

3:45-5:45: Keynote, Shannon Vallor (Baillie Gifford Chair in the Ethics of Data and Artificial Intelligence, Edinburgh Future Institute)

May 24th

9am - 9:30 am: Coffee/tea

9:30am-11am: Raphael Calvo (Chair in Engineering Design, Imperial College)

11:10am-12:40pm: Eve Hayes De Kalaf (Research Fellow, Insitute of Historical Research, School of Advanced Study)

12:40pm-2pm: Lunch break

2pm-3:30pm: TBC

3:30pm-3:45: Coffee/tea

3:45-5:45: Keynote, Matt Clifford (co-founder of Entrepreneur First and Chair of ARIA)

This conference will take place at Senate House and will also be live-streamed via Zoom.  If you would like to join remotely please sign up using the link above and select 'Ticket type - Virtual attendance'.  You will be sent the zoom infomation via email in the weeks preceeding the conference.