Moving Humans at the Tate Modern

Moving Humans at the Tate Modern
22 June 2019, 12.00pm - 23 June 2019, 6.00pm
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Tate Modern. Tate Exchange, Blavatnik Building. London.


Move and be moved : The emotional power of movement through art and science

Artists have for long been experimenting with the emotional power of the moving body and the moving image - through video, installations, dance and other performance. But why do certain movements affect us so much? Can certain movements make us feel or think differently about ourselves, others, and the space around us? Can science and art build new ways of transporting us?

Tate Exchange hosts unique collaborations between cognitive scientists and artists, specially designed for this event. Come and actively explore unexpected aspects of your sense of movement, in this series of immersive and interactive installations.

This event is organised by the University of London, in partnership with international neuroscientists and features a special collaboration with Studio Olafur Eliasson around the “Little Sun” project.   

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Curator : Ophelia Deroy (University of London)
Coordinator: Richard Somerville (University of London)

Contributors: Mariana Babo-Rebelo (cognitive scientist)  Asaf Bachrach (cognitive scientist & dancer)  Bahador Bahrami (cognitive scientist)  Farzaneh Bahrami (film maker & researcher)   Antonio Cataldo (cognitive scientist)   Julia Christensen (cognitive scientist & dancer)    Studio Olafur Eliasson   Merle Fairhurst (cognitive scientist)  Nadine Fleischhut (cognitive scientist) Chris Frith (cognitive scientist) Vittorio Gallese (cognitive scientist) Alex Galvez-Pol (cognitive scientist) Francois Garnier (filmmaker) Isabelle Garzorz (cognitive scientist) Stefan Glasauer (cognitive scientist) Judith Guadalupe Ley Flores (Human-Computer Interaction Scientist) Patrick Haggard (cognitive scientist) Vincent Hayward (cognitive scientist) Margaret Jahrmann (artist) Shahrzad Khorsandi (dancer) James Kilner (neuroscientist) Alex Knorr (cognitive scientist) Kristi Kuusk (artist) Bjorn Meder (cognitive scientist) Helene Nymann (artist) Alex Reuben (filmmaker) Andreas Roepstorff (anthropologist) Barry Smith (philosopher) Ana Tajadura (cognitive scientist) Manos Tsakiris (cognitive scientist) Cordula Vesper (cognitive scientist)  

Free to Attend. Advanced booking is not required.

This event is generously sponsored by the Arts and Sciences Research Council's Science in Culture Theme.



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