The Jacobsen Lecture 2021 with Quassim Cassam

The Jacobsen Lecture 2021 with Quassim Cassam
26 May 2021, 5.00pm - 7.00pm
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The 2021 Jacobsen Lecture will be given by Quassim Cassam (Warwick University) 

Extremism: A Philosophical Analysis

This lecture will be about different ways of understanding the concept of political extremism. Three different conceptions of political extremism will be distinguished. Each raises a range of questions which will be explored in the lecture. Methods extremism consists in the use of extreme methods in pursuit of one’s political objectives. Ideological extremism is a position in ideological space, and ideological extremists are those who endorse an extremist ideology. Ideological space is multi-dimensional, and a distinction needs to be drawn between the sense in which ideological extremism is relative and the sense in which it is not. To be a psychological extremist is to have an extremist mindset, that is, extremist attitudes, preoccupations, emotions, and ways of thinking. After explaining the notion of an extremist mindset and discussing the relationship between extremism in the three senses, the discussion will conclude by considering the aphorism that extremism in defence of liberty is no vice and moderation in pursuit of justice is no virtue.

Quassim Cassam is a Professor in the Department of Philosophy at Warwick and is the author of six books on a range of subjects, including self-knowledge, perception, intellectual vices and conspiracy theories. His current research is on intellectual vices, post-truth, extremism, the philosophy of terrorism, and the philosophy of general practice. He is currently writing a book on the subject of this lecture. 


The Jacobsen Lecture

The Jacobsen Lecture was established in the 1980s following a donation to the University from Mr J. A. B. Jacobsen. Along with the Lecture, Mr Jacobsen also funded the creation of a research fellowship and an essay prize which are all on the subject of philosophy. The Jacobsen trust funds are based at the Institute of Philosophy within the School of Advanced Study. The funds are overseen by the Jacobsen Committee which is comprised of academics from Philosophy Departments across the University of London Colleges.  

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