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At many large professional conferences like the APA, PSA, BSPS, and the Aristotelian Society Open Session, scholars are typically given 20-25 minutes to present their research. Moreover, this is the amount of time one often has to give a job talk when being interviewed on the UK job market. This workshop will give grad students an opportunity to share their work with faculty and peers from other colleges, while also sharpening one’s ability to present work at professional conferences and on the job market.

This conference is organised by the Institute of Philosophy at the School of Advanced Study in partnership with the Graduate Tutors of the philosophy departments at KCL, UCL, Birkbeck and LSE. 

10:00 Welcome

10.10-10:50    Sailee Khurjekar (Birkbeck) 'The Wonderful World of Children: Obscenity, Free Speech, and Art’

10.50-11:20    Break

11:20-12:00     Sean Maroney (KCL) ‘What can I do? Where do I start? - Developing Medina’s schema to effect meta-lucidity’

12:00-12:40    Bele Wollesen (LSE) ‘The Condorcet Jury Theorem in an Ambiguous World’

12.40 -13:50    Lunch break

13.50 -14:30     India Griffiths (UCL) ‘Is Plato’s Tyrannical Character Capable of Moral Repair’

14:30-15:10    Romanos Koutedakis (Birkbeck) 'Perception, Belief, and their Contents’

15:10-15:40    Break

15:40 -16:20     Amedeo Robiolio (KCL) 'Leibniz's Escape from Necessitarianism'

16:20-17:00 Liam Barer (UCL) '(Dis)Interestedness and Judging the Adorned Body: Rescuing Fashion from Kantian Aesthetic Impurity'

This event is only open to University of London students and faculty.