Baroness Onora O'Neill

Ex officio members

Professor Barry Smith (Director of the Institute of Philosophy)
Dr Michael Hannon (Deputy Director of the Institute of Philosophy)
Professor Rick Rylance (Dean of SAS)
Professor Philip Murphy (Pro-Dean of the School of Advanced Study)

Appointed members

At least 8 representatives from universities and similar organisations UK-wide including up to 4 from University of London Colleges

Prof Naomi Eilan (Warwick)

Prof Michela Massimi (Edinburgh)

Dr Kathleen Stock (Sussex)

Dr Sarah Sawyer (Sussex)

Prof Emma Borg (Reading)

Dr Helen De Cruz (Oxford-Brooks)

Prof Richard Holton (Cambridge)

Prof Adam Swift (UCL)

Dr John Callanan (KCL)

Prof Stephen Butterfill (Warwick)

Stakeholders associated with the discipline

Dr Shamil Chandaria (Institute of Philosophy Benefactor)

Dr Dan O’Connor (Wellcome Trust)

Dr Nigel Warburton (Philosophy Bites)

Helen Beebee (President, Aristotelian Society)

Student representatives

Laura Silva (UCL)

In attendance

Institute Manager