The University of London Institute of Philosophy brings together philosophers, scientists, and artists of all kinds to explore the ways we think, feel, perceive, and act.

As part of this, we regularly collect data and carry out experiments. This is where we need your help. We're looking for volunteers to take part in a number of experiments throughout the year. These explore topics, including food and wine tasting and experimental dining (with Heston Blumenthal's Fat Duck restaurant and others), vision, 3D perception, multisensory integration, consciousness, learning, empathy, pleasure and pain, aesthetics, and many others.

All of our participants are rewarded for taking part, and receive either monetary compensation (typically around £10 per hour), or in the case of our experimental dining/tasting work, some delicious food and drinks.


Current Research

At present, we are seeking participants for these ongoing studies. All of these studies take place in our laboratories in Senate House, and it may be possible to complete multiple studies in a single visit.


Voluntary Actions & Sense of Agency

When we make a voluntary movement, we usually perceive ourselves as authors of our own actions. And, through our actions, we feel we can control events in the external world. Where does this sense of agency come from? How could we explain it? In this study, we investigate the neurobiological bases of such a distinctive human experience. We are looking for volunteers to visit our lab in Senate House and take part in our study. You will be asked to make judgments about your own actions after receiving a mild (safe and never painful) electrocutaneous stimulus to your hand. For your participation, you will receive a £10 per hour token of appriciation payment.

The experiment is carried out by Dr Sofia Bonicalzi, working with Professor Patrick Haggard (UCL and IP).
To take part in this study, please contact Dr Bonicalzi at, and she’ll arrange a time to suit you.


Future Experiments

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