David Pym is a logician, mathematician, and informatician. His research is mainly in logic, where he works in pure logic.

David also works on developing logic-based methods as a mathematical modelling technology for reasoning about systems, security, and behaviour (see, for example, the EPSRC-funded project IRIS). He am particularly interested in the philosophy and methodology of modelling. He is beginning to develop logic-based approaches to a semantic theory of information (in the philosophical spirit of situation theory). Related to this is a developing interest in truthmaker semantics.

David also works in information security with a focus on individual, organizational, and societal security behaviours. He is Editor-in-Chief of OUP's Journal of Cybersecurity.

While David's main research interests lie in the foundations of logic his overall perspective unifies these aspects of his work. He is interested in developing foundations, frameworks, theories, and tools for understanding and reasoning about the complex socio-economic-technical systems that define and support our world.

David is an Honorary Research Fellow in the Institute of Philosophy's Centre for Logic and Language.